The Must-Have Credential for Any Simulation Center Integrator

The Must-Have Credential for Any Simulation Center Integrator

The Must-Have Credential for Any Simulation Center Integrator 1980 1320 Level 3 Healthcare

Why a Certified AV Integrator Should Install Your Simulation Tech

When you think of simulation centers, audiovisual may not be your first thought. But AV is as integral to the success of simulation centers as the life-like manikins receiving CPR. Virtually every aspect of learning—from recording scenarios to sharing video from vital sign monitors to enabling instructors and students to communicate from different rooms—relies on heavily integrated AV systems.

Yet many healthcare simulation solution providers focus solely on simulation technology and outsource the AV design and installation to someone else. This approach leaves the door open for a lot of messy—and often expensive—complications. Without the right level of cooperation between the simulation and AV teams, you risk getting AV tools that can’t integrate with the simulation technology or AV tools that don’t meet your needs at all.

At Level 3 Healthcare, we don’t outsource. We think a better approach is to keep our simulation and AV expertise in-house for close collaboration and coordination. This allows our teams to design and install AV systems that better support and enhance simulation in your center and makes Level 3 a complete, turnkey provider. See how our approach helped a large university upgrade the AV systems in their simulation center.

Why AV9000 Certification Matters to Healthcare Simulation

Because audiovisual technologies are complex and often interconnected, having the right expertise in-house is simply not enough to guarantee quality across an entire system. That’s why Level 3 is an AV9000 company, committed to consistency and quality in internal processes company-wide, not just on an ad hoc or individual basis. AV9000 is a quality management standard for the AV industry, based on the ISO9000:2008 standard, which is used in many industries like aerospace, media, and automotive.

For our customers, this means:

  • We design and install systems that optimize operability and the user experience.
  • We catch defects in solutions before they are put into use, so you have less downtime and fewer repairs.
  • We maximize your investment with efficient installation and prevention of issues down the road.

Just as our customers commit to a higher standard of care, Level 3 adheres to a higher standard of quality that enables us to consistently deliver solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

Additional Certifications Ensure Technology and Simulation Expertise

Our technicians are Certified Technology Specialists (CTS), and our consultants have earned Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist®(CHSOS) and Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator®(CHSE) certifications. These credentials mean you can trust Level 3 professionals to have a complete understanding of how your teams use the technologies. They understand your goals and challenges, whether in terms of budget and growth or performance and outcomes.

Experience the Level 3 Healthcare Difference

Many companies can sell you simulation technology. But building a simulation center that will deliver an incredible learning experience now, and in the future, takes more than the right simulation tech. It takes certified, in-house simulation and AV experts who can implement AV9000 quality management standards for both healthcare simulation and AV installations. It takes the Level 3 Healthcare team.

See how our team worked with a large university to upgrade their simulation center and then talk to us about your simulation project. Please call 1-877-777-5328.

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