Introducing Pulse IDM, A 24/7 SIMStation Monitoring Option

Introducing Pulse IDM, A 24/7 SIMStation Monitoring Option

Introducing Pulse IDM, A 24/7 SIMStation Monitoring Option 1500 1001 Level 3 Healthcare

Why Healthcare Simulation Technology Is Vital

The first time a doctor has to resuscitate a patient, there’s a lot less riding on the outcome if the patient was never alive to begin with. Simulation training in healthcare allows students to learn with less pressure and more opportunities to hone their skills before they use them in a real healthcare setting.

Simulation systems are made up of numerous components that require monitoring, management, and maintenance. Your IT department can handle all of this for your organization’s simulation labs, or you can use a service that provides intelligent monitoring.

Without sufficient monitoring, devices can fail, resulting in canceled classes, blown schedules, and training plans falling behind. Organizers must reschedule classes, and with 15 to 20 students and observers in each class, equipment failure can be extremely disruptive.

A dedicated monitoring solution will prevent ill-timed device failures and provide more timely resolution should something go wrong.

Keeping Your Simulation Solution Healthy

If one of the cameras stops working in your simulation lab or center, will you know it before someone tries to use it? Will you know if it has simply gone offline or if only it is the device that has stopped responding? Is it experiencing an error?

Proactive monitoring will help prevent interruptions and delays often by correcting issues before anyone at the facility is even aware there was an issue. To find a solution that can be thorough, effective, and proactive, look for these features:

  • Secure communications
  • System updates
  • Automated failure recovery
  • Trends and utilization reporting
  • Customization and add-ons
  • Monitoring all simulation station hardware and software

The right solution for your organization will depend on the size of your simulation programs, the capacity of your internal resources, and the importance of your programs functioning and staying online at all times.

Specialized Intelligent Device Monitoring

The Level 3 Healthcare intelligent device monitoring (IDM) solution—Pulse—has been specifically designed to monitor the SIMStation product. The solution often includes a simulation lab or room, a control room, and a debriefing room where students and teachers can evaluate what happened in the simulations.

The simulation room will feature devices like multiple cameras, microphones, and a speaker system. The control room will contain a compact server-case to house AV technology, recording software that is controlled by touchscreens, and a microphone for communication with other rooms. The debriefing room contains necessary software, displays for reviewing recordings, and a SIMStation tablet for control.

The Pulse monitoring device is a small appliance that monitors only the devices in your simulation rooms. It communicates securely to the Level 3 Healthcare data center through an outbound connection, thereby eliminating firewall concerns. The monitoring center’s servers are not on the cloud but self-hosted at the center where the servers analyze incoming data, and technicians can immediately respond to issues.

From resetting devices to their default or standard settings—like mic volume, camera position, etc.—to arranging an on-site support visit, Pulse services monitor and address device performance issues. The goal is to minimize problems that would affect the client’s use of the SIMStation and reach a resolution more quickly.

Since Pulse is specifically designed to monitor SIMStation devices and software, it can more efficiently identify and address issues.


Next Steps

The Pulse IDM solution for SIMStation requires little to no interaction from the end user and eliminates the need for the IT department to monitor and maintain the hardware and software thus improving ROI of the simulation solution. Plus, the organization can confidently keep their training and simulation programs running smoothly and on time.

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