Newton Buchanan Joins the Level 3 Healthcare Team!

Newton Buchanan Joins the Level 3 Healthcare Team!

Newton Buchanan Joins the Level 3 Healthcare Team! 1024 597 Level 3 Healthcare

Newton Buchanan Joins the Level 3 Healthcare Team!

Newton has been involved in healthcare simulation technology, training, and research for over eight years, serving as a simulation engineer/technologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During this time, he established a presence in the simulation technology and large format simulation training arena. His specialties include Audio/Video capture strategies, simulation curriculum development, workflow optimization, team/group communication improvement, establishing institutional communication channels to foster better workflow and project deliverables, remote (Tele) simulation design and implementation. He has a strong interest in culture as it relates to team performance and project implementation. Newton is also a professional actor in the city of Philadelphia, PA. He’s been working in theatre for more than fifteen years and uses his theatrical arts, communications, and technical theatre skills (lighting and sound design) to better serve his simulation training/simulation and clinical research projects. As a Sim Operations & Technology Specialist with our Level 3 Healthcare team, Newton supports the sales team, and seeks new opportunities for institutions to be better at what they do best.

Newton is a very qualified healthcare simulation subject matter expert, offering you his experience and direction in:

  • workflow optimisation
  • team dynamics
  • group communication improvement
  • remote (tele) simulation
  • Simulation research technology
  • in-situ & hospital based simulation

Newton is an affiliate of SSH, SimGHOSTS, PASC, INSPIRE Network, IPSS< and North American PCCM Fellows Bootcamp.

Here at Level 3 Healthcare, we are constantly looking to expand our team in both capacity and skill set. We hand pick  professionals who have extensive simulation center and lab experience. Our hand picked team of certified professionals  have experience in Simulation Engineering to Emergency Medical Services teams. This ensures that our representatives understand first hand what your specific simulation center needs are. Our Level 3 Healthcare team, understands your needs because we have experienced similar trials. What is different now? We have the solution and capability to solve all your technology trials.

For more information about accompanying Newton and our team at Level 3 Healthcare please contact us at:

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