Quarterly Simulation Skills Camp Focuses on Advanced Debriefing

Quarterly Simulation Skills Camp Focuses on Advanced Debriefing

Quarterly Simulation Skills Camp Focuses on Advanced Debriefing 1980 1320 Level 3 Healthcare

Simulation Skills Camp Emphasizes the Importance of Debriefing

The team of simulation experts at Level 3 Healthcare come from different backgrounds but share a common goal: to provide the simulation industry with a standardized level of education and training. To achieve this goal, Level 3 hosts and sponsors various education and training events throughout the year.

Level 3 Healthcare recently concluded a skills camp event in Mineola, N.Y., which drew healthcare simulation professionals and educators from 60 simulation centers in the New York and New Jersey area. These New York Sim Chapter Skills Camps are designed to provide both networking and education for simulation professions in the area.

The most recent event, held September 24, focused on advanced debriefing as a key part of the healthcare simulation process.

Advanced Debriefing Improves Simulation Outcomes

Dr. Rami Ahmed, a professor of emergency medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine and keynote speaker for the event, shared best practices for implementing advanced debriefing techniques in healthcare simulation centers of all types and sizes.

After Dr. Ahmed’s remarks, event participants broke into groups, watched recorded scenarios, and debriefed them in front of the other groups based on what they had learned during the keynote session. Participants then had a chance to “debrief the debriefer” by asking questions about the tools and processes each group used.

Debriefing is a critical part of successful healthcare simulation training. Benefits include:

  • Students can see their own mistakes firsthand because the majority of learning comes from debriefing not the simulation itself
  • Educators and professionals can offer more targeted feedback to improve performance and outcomes
  • Students can apply those lessons immediately to their next scenario, whether it is simulated or real

Ongoing Training Is Key to Simulation Success

Ongoing education and training events such as the New York Sim Chapter Skills Camps allow healthcare simulation professionals and educators to swap tips and tricks with their peers, stay up to date on the latest tools and processes in all parts of the industry, and ultimately improve the outcomes at their respective healthcare simulation centers.

In addition to the New York Sim Chapter Skills Camp, Level 3 Healthcare hosts and sponsors various other education and training opportunities for sim techs around the country. Visit the Level 3 Healthcare website for information about upcoming healthcare simulation education and training events.

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