What Is SimGHOSTS and Why Should You Attend Next Time?

What Is SimGHOSTS and Why Should You Attend Next Time?

What Is SimGHOSTS and Why Should You Attend Next Time? 822 561 Level 3 Healthcare

What Is SimGHOSTS and Why Should You Attend Next Time?

If a friend tells you they’ve been ghosted, that’s usually not good news. But if someone tells you they’ve been SimGHOST-ed, that’s another—better—story. SimGHOSTS—which stands for Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists—is an annual hands-on training and networking event for individuals and institutions using healthcare simulation technology. This year’s event, which was held July 31-August 2 in Miami, Fla., explored the theme “Accelerate Opportunity” with education and training opportunities, including:

  • High-fidelity manikin hardware & software operation, maintenance, and repair
  • Audiovisual system design, integration, operation, and troubleshooting
  • 3D Printing, casting and molding, fabrication, and prototyping
  • IT Networking and debugging
  • Career development and staff management
  • Beginner to advanced moulage creation and application
  • International healthcare simulation education practices
  • Virtual environments and serious games

Level 3 Healthcare was pleased to serve as the Platinum Sponsor of this year’s event. With more than 200 attendees, it was the largest SimGHOSTS event to date.

SimGHOSTS Unveils What’s New in Healthcare Simulation

In addition to hosting a record number of attendees, this year’s SimGHOSTS event featured emerging technologies in healthcare simulation including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). New hyper-realistic manikins with realistic skin, facial features, and hair were also on display.

New gadgets and tech are always cool to see, but Scott Atkinson, Simulation Technology Operations Specialist at Level 3 Healthcare, warns against simulation programs investing in something new just because it’s new.

“We sometimes get so enamored with the new technology that we purchase outside our teaching objectives,” he said.

For example, some manikins have realistic vascular systems that show blood moving throughout the body. But if you’re only teaching how to insert IVs, a task trainer or IV arm will do the trick just fine.

“Seeing the different solutions on display at SimGHOSTS is still an important part of the event,” Atkinson said, “even if not every solution is something you need.”

“Collecting information from the vendors is definitely important,” Atkinson said. “The sim tech wants to return offering solutions for gaps in their current operations.”

The event’s keynote speaker, patent attorney and professor John Rivzi, provided information about the patent process and how healthcare simulation entrepreneurs can protect their trade secrets and avoid common pitfalls.

Training Builds Better Simulation Technicians

SimGHOSTS is designed primarily for simulation technology professionals, though anyone working in simulation—including program managers, administrators, AV and IT professionals and others—are invited and encouraged to attend. Participating in an event like SimGHOSTS can give non-sim techs a clearer picture of what it takes to keep the sim lab up and running.

“The sim tech is the ‘boots on the ground’ energy that runs the sim lab,” Atkinson said. “Managers and administrators benefit by gaining an understanding about the job responsibilities and thought processes a sim tech goes through on a daily basis. They also gain a broader appreciation for the sim tech’s daily problem-solving skills.”

And, because sim techs can come from different backgrounds and have different levels of experience, events such as SimGHOSTS help provide some standardized training and skills sim techs need, including preparing attendees to successfully sit for certification exams.

Platinum Support for Simulation Training

Contributing to standardized training for sim techs is a key component of Level 3 Healthcare’s mission.

“Level 3 Healthcare supports simulation education whenever it is offered to the simulation community,” Atkinson said. “We believe that education is the key to success. Whether the courses are offered by an outside source or produced by Level 3, education is a powerful tool within the simulation community.”

Level 3 Healthcare is also working on expanding their educational offerings, which currently include multi-day Boot Camps and one-day “mini training” events. Level 3 Healthcare is also working to provide simulation technicians with more opportunities to communicate, share, and collaborate outside of training events.

Did you miss this year’s event? Or do you have healthcare simulation questions that can’t wait for the next SimGHOSTS? Contact one of Level 3’s healthcare simulation experts to get answers.


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