Why Your Simulation Center Needs a Master Level Service Agreement

Why Your Simulation Center Needs a Master Level Service Agreement

Why Your Simulation Center Needs a Master Level Service Agreement 1980 1321 Level 3 Healthcare

How a Master Level Service Agreement Can Improve Your Simulation Center

The goal of every healthcare simulation center—and their technicians and operations specialists—is to run simulation scenarios without any major glitches or holdups. Behind the scenes, most simulation centers are a complicated web of various technology solutions from multiple vendors and manufacturers. For sim techs, working with multiple training and support contracts can make it hard to use the technology effectively and quickly get support when things go wrong. However, maintaining and using your simulation center technology doesn’t have to be that complicated. A new program from Echo Healthcare, called the Master Level Service Agreement, or MeLiSA, aims to simplify the maintenance and operation of manikins and other simulation technology regardless of the manufacturer. Level 3 Healthcare recently hosted a webinar with Pete Ford, director of the MeLiSA program, to introduce simulation professionals to their support offerings. Here’s what they learned.

What Is MeLiSA?

Echo Healthcare is a simulation company dedicated to improving the healthcare simulation education experience through innovation and technology solutions. When they first opened their doors, Echo Healthcare conducted a needs assessment of the healthcare simulation industry and discovered that the existing service model for technology training and support was negatively impacting healthcare simulation centers.

With most centers using numerous makes and models of manikins and task trainers from many different vendors, sim techs had to manage separate service and support contracts for each piece of equipment. It was a time-consuming model, and it didn’t even begin to address the integration of all those technologies. As a response to these challenges, Echo Healthcare created MeLiSA, a master support contract with one point of contact for every piece of simulation technology in a simulation center. MeLiSA provides:

  • Immediate support—customers can get help via text message or video chat
  • Independent advice—MeLiSa is not associated with any individual manufacturer or vendor
  • Expert assistance—Emergency Simulator Responders or ESRs pool knowledge and resources to address any question or issue

How Does MeLiSA Work?

MeLiSA provides what Pete refers to as “umbrella coverage.” As a master level service agreement, all makes and models of manikins, task trainers, and other simulator technology are covered under MeLiSA, and each customer has just one point of contact to handle all their issues. “You really have the ability to have access to somebody that’s caring for the entire center,” Pete said. “When we come and do the onboarding with you, we make sure that your center is running efficiently and effectively with every piece of technology you have in that center.” To get started, potential customers fill out an inventory sheet with all the manikins they have, what technology they use the most, and what troubleshooting problems they experience most often. From there, the MeLiSA team develops a custom quote and maintenance plan. In addition to maintenance and troubleshooting, ESRs also train sim techs and simulation technology operators to diagnose issues and perform simple repairs themselves. This approach reduces system downtime and saves technicians both time and money, since they don’t have to pay for individual trainings from each manufacturer. “The idea is really to just empower you and give you the tools to bring you up to that high-functioning level,” Pete said. “You become a more competent technician.”

Is MeLiSA Right for You?

Ongoing regular maintenance can help extend the life of manikins and other simulation tools, Pete said. And by training technicians to troubleshoot and perform repairs on their own, the MeLiSA program helps reduce downtime and unnecessary service calls. To learn more about whether MeLiSA is a good choice for your simulation center, watch the full webinar on demand any time.


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