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The SIMStation Debriefing Set can be set up within a distance of up to 100m from the training room, and debriefing can be carried out independent of the Recording Station.

Your moment to

go live has arrived.

Live Stream Your Training

Make your simulation training available live or on demand over the internet via our SIMStation Live Broadcast interface. Your simulation training can be transmitted live and in full HD on established streaming services (e.g. YouTube) and archived on the internet – also with access protection for private distribution.

What’s included:

Flexible viewing

The SIMStation Tablet

This tablet works as remote control for playback of debriefing, as well as showing markers and annotations set during the scenario. The user can switch between camera positions during live transmission and view each camera shot live on the tablet. It also allows seamless integration of PowerPoint presentations and instructional videos.

Include the audience

Audience Realtime Feedback App

The new Audience Feedback App facilitates better integration of training participants in the debriefing process. The participants can evaluate the training performance and fill in questionnaires. These evaluations can immediately be accessed on the SIMStation Trainer Tablet and be incorporated into the debriefing.

Easy set up

High Definition Projector

A high definition projector is included to view playback of the debriefing recordings. Although this projector is included, the SIMStation player is compatible with any device equppied with a DVI input. (HD projector is only included with the package for an In-situ system).

Display Anywhere

Projector Screen

A projector screen is included for use with the HD projector. The screen is easy to set up, and mobile to allow for flexible viewing. The screen also collapses making it very portable. (Projector screen is only included with the package for an In-situ system).

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