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David Escobar

David began his healthcare journey as an EMT since 2006. He has 5+ years in the Emergency Department. Since then, he has received his CHSOS certification, and is now a reviewer for the CHSOS Application, and a question writer for the CHSOS exam. He is based in Southern California, and focuses on Hosptial-Based Programs.

Scott Atkinson

Based in Southern Ohio, Scott Atkinson, is our Simulation Technology & Operations Specialist. He began as a Paramedic and Firefighter at a young age, and then immersed himself into IT, Business Management & Marketing. With those skills combined, Scott is now a Technology Content Chair for IMSH in 2019, and is thriving in the Simulation community.

H. Michael Young, MDiv, BBS, CHSE

H. MIchael Young has been working in the field of Simulation Education, Operations, and Technology for the past 12 years. He has earned his Certification as a Healthcare Simulation Educator (CHSE), and is an SSH Accredited Reviewer. Michael is based in West Texas, with his Simulation Instruction & Management Graduate Certificate, at RMU.

Lenny Convis

Lenny Convis is our healthcare simulation IT expert. He has 20+ years of IT experience, and 11 years of executive level management. Lenny is a Zabbix Certified Professional, and is the mind behind our 24/7 System Monitoring Device, Pulse IDM. He monitors and catches system errors inside your simulation system, before you are even aware of the problem.