Record & Debrief Disaster Scenarios

With A High-End Simulation System

01. Ultra-Mobile System

The SIMStation Essential is the first ultra-mobile high-end video debriefing system. Thanks to a high degree of mobility, the system with ites unique SIMStation Recording & Debriefing Software is perfect for in-situ simulation, EMS trainings, and disaster prevention scenarios.

02. High-End Cameras

This system is provided with an excellent PTZ IP=HD Camera, with a 30x zoom, autofocus, and a 360 degree view. The camera can be controlled through the SIMStation software, as well as a high-quality interface microphone that ensures high recording quality. Additional cameras are available.

03. Transportable System

The SIMStation Essential fits into a small Pelican Case, and weighs less than 50lbs. This makes it possible to even transport the system on airplanes, cars, or ambulances, without any problems. This is the first even fully high-end ultra-mobile transportable simulation recording & debriefing system.

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The SIMStation Essential comes with:

  • SIMStation Network-Box
  • PTZ IP-HD Camera
  • Interface Microphone
  • SIMStation Recording/Debriefing Laptop
  • Recording/Debriefing Software
  • SIMStation Tablet
  • SIMStation Monitor Capturing
  • Debriefing & Live View Laptop
  • SIMStation Voice of God
  • Addition Cameras (optional)