A 24/7 Intelligent Monitoring Device

Pulse IDM is a simulation software monitoring solution, designed specifically for SIMStation. Pulse is a small appliance that monitors the devices in your simulation rooms. It communicates to our Level 3 Healthcare data center through an outbound connection. Thereby eliminating systematic error concerns.

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What Can Pulse IDM do for simulation?

Pulse IDM is included with any simulation integration by Level 3 Healthcare. From resetting devices to their default or standard settings – like mic volume, camera position, etc. – to arranging an on-site support visits, Pulse monitors and address device performance issues. The goal is to minimize problems that would affect your use of SIMStation & reach a resolution more quickly.

It is known to:

  • Secure Communications
  • Complete System Updates Remotely
  • Automated Failure Recovery
  • Trends & Utilization Reporting
  • Customization & Add-ons
  • Monitoring all simulation station hardware & software at the AV integrators data center.