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We employ over 12 technology system design engineers, 3 subject matter experts in simulation, an IT network monitoring Director, 8 technology project managers, lead technicians and a national service network for after the sale service and support.

our main services

24/7 System Monitoring

Pulse IDM (Intelligent Device Monitoring), is a solution that has been specifically designed to monitor the SIMStation Systems 24/7,

AV9000 Quality Standards

We provide healthcare simulation programs with a quality solution, implementing the AV9000 quality management standards. AV9000 holds the highest standards in the AV installation industry.

Full Service In-House AV

Here at L3HC, we do not outsource our customers needs. We have in-house AV professionals dedicated to your project, and are certified in their areas of expertise.

We can Secure and Keep an Eye on your System

Our 24/7 Specialized Intelligent Device Monitoring solution, Pulse IDM, has been specifically designed to monitor the SIMStation Systems. Pulse IDM is a small appliance that monitors simulation AV equipment and solutions in your facilities.  Pulse IDM communicates securely to our Level 3 Healthcare data center through a secure outbound connection, thereby eliminating firewall security concerns.  The Pulse IDM enables our experts to more easily resolve system and user issues—often before our simulation clients.

Get Professional Technology from a Professional AV Team

Our Level 3 Healthcare team is stacked with healthcare simulation education, technology and operations experts who benefit from the following qualifications:

  • NREMT: EMT or Paramedic certification
  • SSH Certified:
    • CHSE
    • CHSOS
  • Active in and supportive of non-profit, professional simulation organizations such as:
    • SSH
    • INACSL
    • SimGHOSTS
  • Formally educated and experienced in
    • hospital-based simulation education,
    • academic/pre-licensure nursing & allied health
    • interprofessional education
    • simulation technologies common to healthcare education

Level 3 Healthcare is a division of Level 3 Audiovisual, consisting of in-house project managers, service and field technicians, and technology design engineers. Save time, and work with a company that doesn’t depend on outsourced talent. We are your single-point of contact for guidance, support and service related to audiovisual and simulation technologies.

Find out about our services, call us at 1-877-777-5328 or chat with us

We Are The Only US Distributors of SimStation

SIMStation is the most advanced (yet simple to use) audiovisual simulation system. SIMStation Enterprise and SIMStation essential are revolutionizing the way scenario and debriefing are run. As technicians, designers and enthusiasts for medical simulation, SIMStation sees it as their task to set a new standard in the area of audio-video-debriefing with their mobile and fixed facilities.

Don’t just take our word for it

Read Some of the Feedback

“We used the services of Level 3 Healthcare to integrate a 10,000 Sq Ft. Simulation Center. I was very impressed with their initial responsiveness, and importantly their continued support since product installation. Level 3 worked with me to develop a system, as an end user i felt would work within our facility. This was achieved and they have helped create an incredible learning environment. In our case they were working with established systems which needed to work with additional technologies. The project was completed on time and it delivered expected outcomes. Very impressed and would suggest a discussion with them early in the development process. The whole team did a superb job.”

Cedars Sinai Medical Group - Los Angeles, CA

“What makes Level 3 Healthcare stand out is their interest, commitment, and suggestions to our long term technology vision. They understood the importance of user interface standards for our touch panels. They have brought concrete form to our developing telemedicine program. I recommend to any organization to develop a long term relationship with Level 3 Healthcare. Most Importantly, each of these projects was built to virtually plug and play into our future Control Room for video recording and distribution. Their strength of “getting into a client’s head” for present and future needs allows them to specify exact equipment and labor and in turn consistently meet project budgets. Their installs meet our faculty’s needs.”

Midwestern University - Glendale, AZ

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous individuals from your staff. Level 3 Healthcare has gone above and beyond my expectations, and have been completely responsive to my questions. I highly recommend Level 3 Healthcare to you. They have been an amazing and encouraging help, and as a result, have been awarded several contracts with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, including being the only AV integrator chosen to install the hospitals’ new 11 story, $558 million dollar expansion. The level of professionalism that has been expressed my way and to PCH as a whole has been positive and a noteworthy experience. Your efforts, work ethic, patience, knowledge to note a few are a direct reflection to the success of L3HC.”

Phoenix Children's Hospital - Phoenix, AZ