The SIMStation Product Lines

As technicians, designers & enthusiasts for medical simulation, we see it as our task to set a new standard in the area of audio-video-debriefing.

The SIMStation Pro

SIMStation Pro is the most advanced high-end solution for video supported simulation. SIMStation Pro facilitates high-end simulations and debriefings of a quality previously only achievable in complex, stationary simulation centres. The basic equipment contains all the components and functions necessary for the assembly of a training room, control room and debriefing room. Assembly of the system is very straightforward: one merely needs to connect each component and room to a single network cable. The entire assembly time takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on location and circumstances. To learn more about the SIMStation Pro click below.

SIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Enterprise is the ultimate and most flexible solution for simulation centers needing to operate multiple recording/training units, broadcast live audio-video streaming, and video playback for debriefing at the same time. With the view of bringing the modular concept of SIMStation Pro to the next level, SIMStation Enterprise has been designed as multiple distributed SIMStation Pro units. In doing so, all data associated with each training and debriefing unit are centralized and mirrored via SIMNetwork to SIMStorage and can therefore be retrieved and synchronized from any SIMStation Recorder or Debriefing Player within SIMNetwork.

SIMStation Essential

SIMStation Essential is the first ultra-mobile high-end video debriefing system. Thanks to a high degree of mobility, the system with its unique SIMStation Recording and Debriefing Software is perfect for in-situ simulation and EMS trainings, as well as all for simulations which demand a very short setup time and are led by only a small technology and trainer team. An excellent camera which can be controlled through the software as well as a high-quality interface microphone ensure high recording quality. SIMStation Essential fits into a trolley case and weighs less than 22kg/48lbs, making it possible to even transport the system in airplanes without any problems.

01 – Components

Training Room Components

The SIMStation comes equipped with professional wireless microphones used in stage technology, enabling you to individually or synchronously record and play back communication of up to 5 training participants. SIMStation also additionally provides a professional ambient microphone, which is capable of acoustically capturing the entire training environment. The compact and lightweight network cameras can be set up unobtrusively in the training room and provide an outstanding HD image quality.

Thanks to PoE-technology (“Power over Ethernet”), a single cable connects to the camera ensuring power supply and the transfer of video data. “Voice-Box” function: A flight case with enclosed loudspeaker system set up in the training room allows the trainer to communicate with participants in the training room. The camera’s network cables are also attached to the voice box.

02 – Components

Recording Room Components

The SIMStation Recording Box contains all the components of a simulation control room at the cutting edge of technology. High-quality technical components are installed in a compact rack-case (server PC, data storage, radio receiver, network and Wi-Fi components, professional audio hardware). The software can be operated via a full HD touchscreen.

The SIMStation Accessories Box offers ample storage space for all moveable components (e.g. mobile cameras, wireless microphones and headsets) and its dimensions match those of the Recording Box. For safe and tidy storage, the drawers are equipped with fitting foam material inlays.

01 – Components

Debriefing Room Components

The SIMStation Debriefing Set can be set up within a distance of up to 100m from the training room. Debriefing can be carried out independent of the Recording Station, as the Debriefing Box has its own built-in Player PC. All playback devices, from projectors to conference AV installations, can be connected via HDMI and audio output.

NEW! Live Internet Streaming of your Training Make your simulation training available live or on demand over the internet! Via our SIMStation Live Broadcast interface, your simulation training can be transmitted live and in full HD on established streaming services (e.g. YouTube) and archived on the internet – also with access protection for private distribution.

SIMStation Applications

The SIMStation Control Room Applications are the control centre of the SIMStation system. At the same time, they are incredibly easy to operate and manage.