April 16th-18th, 2019 | Mesa, AZ

The All Inclusive Simulation Bootcamp

Take the opportunity to focus on all the technical details of what it takes specifically to operate and manage a simulation center. From the AV installations, to the design and engineering. Ensure that your simulation operations contains a standard base of education and skills with the Level 3 Healthcare Simulation Bootcamp. Our goal is to advance the role of the operation specialist & the techs in leadership, role discovery, and job skill requirements. The 16 hands-on classes will focus on array of skills and information that is uncommon in the typical “educational environment”.

16 Hands On Classes

  • Early Bird Pricing (ends March 15th, 2019) – $2000
  • Simulation Bootcamp Price – $2500 (hotel included)
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What makes this Bootcamp so special?

This Simulation Bootcamp is designed specifically to provide a source of education & training for Simulation Technicians, Operation Specialists, and Simulation Enthusiasts in emerging healthcare technologies. Our goal is to improve & expand the knowledge of simulation education & operations, and to define a standard in the educational matrix. 

Expand Knowledge of Simulation

We have designed this three day program for all levels in simulation technology. From someone new to the industry of simulation, to the expert. Optimize skills in all aspects of simulation education and operations. Become a team player and enhance your simulation skills.

Extreme Hands-On Experience

You will have the opportunity to take classes focusing on all the technical detail of what it takes specifically to operate and manage a simulation center. From the AV installations, to the Engineering Design, and the RFP and Purchasing Process.

Creating an Educational Sim Standard

A major concern in the simulation industry is the lack of standards in the educational matrix. Creating a standard base of education, and providing Simulation Techs & Operation Managers with a standard of skills is the overall goal of this boot camp.

Simulation Focused Objectives


  • Simulation Technology Focused Classes
  • Engineering & Design
  • AV Simulation System Installations
  • Simulation Operation
  • Setting Up Simulation Systems
  • RFP and Purchasing Process
  • Simulation Center Design
  • The Educational Matrix Standard
  • Advancing the Operation Specialist Role
  • Leadership
  • Role Discovery
  • Job Skill Requirements
  • AV9000 Introduction
  • Simulation Center Training

For all levels of simulation technicians, operation specialists, and anyone new to simulation technology.

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