Full Service AV & Simulation Software Integration

America’s 3rd leading cause of death is its own healthcare system. Create a new age of patient safety with simulation technology that is effective as your simulation curriculum. Integrate with professionals that understand the technology and your needs.

Simulation is Necessary

Our team at Level 3 Healthcare provides, 24/7 support, audiovisual design and engineering, project management, and installation consulting services from qualified subject-matter experts to ensure a quality simulation technology integration.

Hospital Simulation

As societal needs change, the medical practices must evolve to meet current needs of the future of our society. Hospital Base Sim technology is necessary in Educational Centers, Mobile Training Labs, Interprofesional, In-Situ, Learning Management, Quality Improvement.

Academic Simulation

Academic Simulation is necessary to continue the growth of technology that is occuring rapidly in today’s day and age. Nursing, EMS, Interdisciplinary, Allied, Health, Dentistry, Veterinary, and Graduate Programs are all organizations of medical education that can benefit tremendously from Academic Simulation Labs.

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The Perks of Working With Us

As technicians, designers, and enthusiasts for medical simulation, we see it as our task to set a new standard in the area of audio-video-debriefing with the SIMStation mobile and fix facilities.

SIMStation Products

We are the only US distributor of the SIMStation Pro, Enterprise, and Essential. SIMStation is the most efficient option in the industry.

SIMStation Components

SIMStation comes equipped with professional components designed and engineered for training, recording, and debriefing rooms.

SIMStation Apps

The SIMStation software provides, Recording software, debriefing app & software, learning and center management, and an audience feedback app.

Pulse IDM

Pulse IDM is a 24/7 system monitoring device that we provide with every SIMStation installation. Our team will fix the errors from our HQ.

Full Service In-House Team

We have a team of in-house engineers, programmers, project managers, and simulation facility experts to assist you with meeting all of your needs.

Simulation Experts

Our simulation technology team is very involved in the healthcare simulation industry. From being EMT’s to holding their CHSOS certification.

Questions about simulation technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it take to maintain a simulation solution?

The intended use of your simulation solution will determine the type of system you need and what skills and expertise will be required to operate and maintain it. Possible integration with additional technologies, such as manikins, will further inform your operation and maintenance requirements. Once your solution is installed, hiring an in-house simulation technician is highly recommended for ongoing support and operation—especially if your system will grow more complex. AV system integrators should also coordinate with IT managers and network specialists to ensure synchronization on the software side of the system.


Will the solution go on our network?

IT departments worry about having additional boxes or devices added to their network to support a large simulation system. A simulation system does require network access, but a dedicated simulation AV network behind its own router or VLAN can prevent a slowdown of the larger network. User-based access to a dedicated simulation network—such as requiring user credentials—can help protect the network.

What kind of storage will be required for all that data?

Because of compression standards, simulation recording file sizes can vary by as much as 500 percent. The length of the recording and the amount of movement captured in the recording are major factors in determining storage requirements.  The length of time you need to retain each recording will also determine storage requirements. While most simulation AV systems record onto a network-connected PC, server, or DVR-type device, removable or external media storage capabilities can be built into a simulation system for growth and scalability. While redundancy of recorded files is recommended initially as a precaution, scheduled culling of duplicate files can prevent unnecessary accumulation that eats up storage space.

What support services are available?

Most experienced and qualified system integrators offer various warranties and maintenance service programs to fit your organization’s specific needs and budget. Even if your integrator is not headquartered nearby, a good partner will train and deploy a local AV service technician to troubleshoot issues and perform routine repairs. Be sure to ask your integrator about what project warranties and extended warranties are available, what they cover, and what other options they provide for maintenance contracts and on-site and other kinds of support.