Integrating Information Technology and Audiovisual Systems Into Healthcare Facilities

Level 3 Healthcare is a customer focused group of medical engineers trained in the process of integrating current audiovisual technology to medical work spaces, clinical training centers and simulation labs.

Level 3 Healthcare provides advanced multimedia solutions in OR’s, ER’s, ED’s and medical education centers. This healthcare engineering group has pioneered designs in large anatomy labs, dental training facilities, telehealth initiatives, live HD video distribution, 3-D surgical theaters, recording, archiving, content management and video media retrieval systems.

Level 3 Healthcare’s core competency is integrating the myriad of medical, simulation, broadcast and professional technology into a seamless, easy to use system, curriculum or application. Our approach is to work directly with our clients to understand their needs and curriculum and apply technology to improve efficiency, work flow and learning.

Examples of our applications include; intraoperative surgical suites, digital O.R.’s, nursing simulation centers, procedure rooms, 3-D visualization facilities, clinical AV networks, campus-wide central recording systems and telemedicine video conferencing initiatives for collaboration and critical decision making.

Following a strict quality control standard

We follow a strict quality control process in our 20,000sq ft pre-staging facility. Following these industry standards is of the utmost importance to us.

AV 9000:2012 establishes the industry-specific metrics for audio visual technology, such as other industries have already done (TS16949 for the automotive industry, AS9000 for the aerospace industry, TL9000 for the telecommunications industry, etc.).

What is AV9000? Set of defined processes used to ensure quality, manage information and facilitate continual improvement throughout.

What does it do? Assures the company is customer focused, assures the company continually improves.

What does it mean for me? Reduced punch lists & budgets. Timelines met,
and a high percentage of customer satisfaction.

  • Industry Certified – CTS, CTS-I, CTS-D
  • Best Practices Driven
  • Exhaustive Quality Assurance Program
  • Video Certified
  • Infrastructure Certified
  • Tele-presence Express Certified
  • CQD Certified
  • CQT Certified
  • EAVA
  • ECP
  • Crestron Certified Programmer
  • DMC-D, DMC-E,
  • AMX Certified
  • Installer & Programmer
Nationally Awarded