Record and debrief your simulation scenarios seamlessly with SIMStation’s recording software. This intuitive, easy-to-use software will transform your simulation center.

“In simulation, using video recording as a tool is invaluable. You can capture an entire event, utilize bookmarking, and timestamping to know when specific events occurred within the simulation–either things the team can improve on or that they did really well.”

About the Software

The SIMStation Control Room Software is the control center of the SIMStation system. At the same time, it’s incredibly easy to operate: simply by clicking on the clearly-marked buttons, you can start and stop the recording. The cameras’ video signals are transmitted and recorded in unparalleled, full HD quality without any time delay.

PTZ cameras can be easily steered directly through the software, and every connected microphone can be switched on and off directly from the touchscreen. Using preconfigured icons, which can be modified in the included icon editor, you are able to mark and annotate important events during the training in a uniquely straightforward manner.

The Features

The SIMStation Recording Software was built with simplicity in mind. The features are intuitive and easy-to-use.


User friendly touch screen interface


Insert markers and annotations using a preconfigured set of icons


View and capture any patient monitor signal


Toggle quad split-screen or single screen HD view


Control and record up to eight audio channels


Show images, such as x-rays, on a screen in the training room


Play sound files (e.g. street noise, ambulance) in the training room


Toggle live video and audio in the debriefing room


Start and stop scenario recording


Switch seamlessly between different rooms and camera setups


Communicate to all other devices within the SIMNet

SIMStation Tablet

With the included SIMStation App for Tablets, additional trainers can simultaneously control the training and set their own markers and annotations! As a result, any number of instructors can be involved in the training, and tasks can be better distributed.