Sim 360 Header Gives a Helping Hand to the Simulation Community

There are charities, there are support groups, there are blog sites and then there are DIY educators, like Sim 360, who climb out on a limb to start something new, something hopeful, something for the betterment of their industry fellows. is that kind of place. David Escobar and Arielle Glenn, co-founders of Sim 360, have been very active in getting the word out about their cause so we are stepping in to help spread the word on their movement. HeaderFrom bridging the gap between simulation vendors, support providers and the users they serve, Sim 360 has a firm belief that facilities can “Do it Yourself” (DIY) and they want to teach simulation centers how. Sim 360 targets simulation centers with little to no funding. They also collaborate with others in the medical professions who need support or troubleshooting. So if you are planning a simulation build-out or upgrade, are short on funds or just don’t know where to begin, give a look. Below are some of the services they offer FREE of charge:

Web Based Support:

Webinar Training (customized to your necessities)
Guided Product Installation and Maintenance Consultations
Technical Troubleshooting
Scenario Development
Developing Job Descriptions
Weekly Webinar (discussion forum)

In-Person Support:

Product Training
Technical Troubleshooting
Guided Installation and Maintenance Consultations
Staff Training Consulting
Customized Support


On top of the great humanitarian cause behind their company’s foundation they also participate and encourage monthly topic discussions on their site. You can find webinars, troubleshooting tips and maintenance guidance free of charge at their site as well. The site is still in its infancy but is fully functional and ready for users to start submitting questions. So head on over to today and start in on the simulation integration discussions!