SIMStation – A Complete Mobile or Stationary Simulation System.

Level 3 Healthcare is the only U.S. distributor and integrator for SIMStation products.

SIMStation Simulation Center

AV-Systems with a new level of quality, flexibility and versatility for training and simulation facilities.

SIMStation Sim Center

SIMStation In-Situ Training

A pre-engineered, transportable high-end system. Easy to set up, easy to operate.

SIMStation In-Situ Training

Your Simulation Center Now Fits In a Small Car!

The SIMStation equipment contains all of the components and functions necessary for the mobile assembly of a training room, control room and debriefing room.

Training Room
SIMStation Simulation Training Unit
  • 3 HD-quality cameras.
  • 5 wireless microphones plus 1 ambient microphone.
  • Patient monitor capturing.
Control Room
SIMStation Simulation Control Room
  • Voice-of-God, Voice-to-Trainer.
  • Full HD recording in 1080p, labelling of important scenes and checklists.
Debriefing Room
  • “Debriefing deluxe” with mobile HD projector and SIMStation Tablet.
  • Live transmission of scenario in debriefing room.
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SIMStation Apps
Recording Software Suite

The SIMStation Control Room Software is the control center of the SIMStation system. At the same time, it’s incredibly easy to operate: simply by clicking on the clearly-marked buttons, you can start and stop the recording. The cameras’ video signals are transmitted and recorded in unparalleled, full HD quality without any time delay.

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debriefing app

The SIMStation Tablet, linked via Wi-Fi, is the instructor’s universally applicable “personal assistant”. It can of course be used during training to set markers and annotations, but what really makes it special is how it facilitates a whole new dimension of quality and efficiency in video-supported debriefing. The instructor does not need to operate any other computers to bring up the videos.

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Audience Feedback App

Include the audience! The new SIMStation Audience Realtime Feedback App facilitates better integration of the observing participants in the debriefing process. The observers can use their own tablets or smartphones and the SIMStation Feedback App to evaluate the training performance and fill in questionnaires.

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Who is SIMStation?

SIMStation was founded in 2011, with a background of 20 years’ experience as a professional service company in the fields of multimedia software, as well as broadcasting and stage media technology. As a young, dynamically expanding company with over 20 employees, we design and develop highly innovative audio-visual systems for medical simulation at our site in Vienna, and advise simulation and training centres on the planning and implementation of simulation-technology facilities.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of software developers, designers, media technicians, architects and engineers. In our own laboratory and workshops we research and develop, in close coordination with our international clients, innovative solutions for the future of medical simulation.

The entire process of software development and hardware production takes place in our own facility. As technicians and enthusiasts of medical simulation, with our mobile and stationary AV installations, we see it as our duty to set a new standard in the field of audio-visual debriefing, and facilitate more effective debriefings for everyone, through increased operational quality and ease.

Since 2013 we have implemented numerous SIMStation systems in, so far, 14 different countries, from the individual in situ facility right up to major simulation centres. Amongst others, renowned medical universities in London, Paris, Munich and Vienna rank among our customers.

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